Devon Brackbill

I earned my PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was a member of the Network Dynamics Group. My academic research in Computational Social Science has been published in Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and elsewhere.

I am currently a data scientist at Amazon Robotics, where I'm working on improving robotic fulfillment centers and expanding the delivery network that handles billions of packages each year.

I previously worked as a data scientist at Facebook, where I addressed site integrity problems for Instagram, including the measurement and automated removal of objectionable content.


My research sits at the intersection of the social sciences, physics, and computer science. I am interested in how individual actions give rise to collective phenomena in large populations. Applications include the complex interplay of social forces that produce collective intelligence, group problem-solving, consensus formation, and social norms in human social systems.

To understand the dynamics of such systems, I rely on agent-based models to gain theoretical traction on a social behavior. Then, I test these ideas using online experiments to see if these theories hold true.

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